5 Benefits of LiveIntent’s New Publisher Reporting

5 Benefits of LiveIntent’s New Publisher Reporting

Maybe you’ve just taken a master class on data analysis and the terms “split” and “metric” carry a lot of excitement. Or maybe reporting at your fingertips has always been your thing. Either way: custom, fast reporting for your campaigns shouldn’t be difficult.

That’s why, with LiveIntent’s new reporting interface, you’ll solve more than being able to slice + dice your data to your customization needs; you’ll also have more scheduling options, ability to add your co-workers and anyone else who should be receiving the report, and more.

Senior Product Manager Stephen Chan shares the top 5 benefits for using the new reporting tool:

1. Faster reporting: Summarized, packaged data and reduction in API traffic allows for faster reporting turnaround — from minutes to seconds

2. Better customization: Add more than two splits for your reporting and add additional email recipients to your custom reports

3. New splits and metrics – Dive further into understanding your RTB activity with new splits like ‘Bidder ID’, ‘Bidder Seat’ and ‘Deal ID’, plus track how many ad requests are fulfilled with ‘Fill Rate’

4. Scheduling flexibility: Want updates on the 12th or 18th of instead of the 1st month? Any day works! The new interface lets you customize start + end dates for timeframes that work best for you and your goals

5. Preview your report –edit and view the same report multiple times without needing to save the report again and again, keeping clutter down

What’s next? 

Check out this Knowledge Base document for step-by-step instructions on getting started.