A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to Ad Ops (& Digital Media Teams)

A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to Ad Ops (& Digital Media Teams)

Dear ad ops and digital media teams,

If we wrote you a Shakespearean sonnet, we’d call it Ads You Like it. We’d pluck you a whole field of flowers – probably ad buy-gonias and fraud-get-me-nots – and deliver a ribbon-wrapped box of choco-clicks. Because, in the spirit of the great Bard , who ever loved that loved not at first, uh, impression?

Sonnets may not be our thing, but the appreciation is real. Read any industry headline and you’d think a great digital wave had swept all the humans out of advertising. But fear not, for we see you and all the work that you do.

We know that, for all the platforms and programmatic technology, the $558 billion global ad industry still rests upon your keystrokes. You make things run, no matter how challenging that has become. Once upon a time, you only needed to know how to code. Now, you need to know 20+ systems just to keep your job. You used to have one only job. Now, you get to sample everyone’s, and you need to know everything because clients ask you questions daily. You used to have a fixed job title. But these days the job description you were hired for only covers what you do up until your coffee break. (That is, if you had time for one.)

Despite it all, we love how you manage to stay current even through seemingly at-random algorithmic changes and platform tweaks. You try not to complain about the war you’re caught up in between the Montague advertisers and Capulet publishers. One wants results, the other, revenue, and it’s up to you and the platforms to placate them.

Can’t ops get a break? Not if ad-blockers, fraudsters, or GDPR have anything to do with it. At least all the ad ops teams we talk to are staying positive. When asked about their job, they say it’s fun. Like, real fun.

via What Happens In Adops

And when clients call asking for a frank conversation about the industry, they have answers to its biggest problems.

via What Happens In Adops

And when something goes majorly wrong, they keep cool and have simple solutions.


Today, we’d like to shout your praise from the heavens. Thank you for making the whole ad industry run!

There couldn’t be any better people behind people-based marketing than you.

Ad ops and digital media teams: Be our Valentine?

Love, your ad-mirer, LiveIntent


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