Acquiring Customers with LiveIntent

Acquiring Customers with LiveIntent

In this installment of our 5 ways to maximize your email marketing with LiveIntent, we’re going to take a look at ways to effectively acquire customers in the email channel:

The vast majority of businesses are constantly looking for ways to get more customers – to acquire them, if you will (Disclaimer: If you work for a business that is not trying to find more customers, this article may not be for you. You also may want to reexamine your business plan.)

So what’s important to advertisers when pursuing a customer acquisition strategy? In general, they’re looking for three things:

1. Scale: More customers generally means more revenue, so finding channels that drive scale is important.

2. Performance: Whether it’s clicks, email sign-ups, sales, or downloads, goals and KPIs that they use to measure the success of an acquisition campaign.

3. Customer Quality: It doesn’t matter how many customers you acquire if they’re not going to drive revenue. Advertisers want customers who will drive consistent revenue, with a high lifetime value.

That’s all simple enough. When it comes to customers, like anything else, people want a lot of them, they want good ones, and they want to get them efficiently. So what’s so great about customer acquisition with LiveIntent in the email channel? Let’s take a look:

1. Scale: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the email channel is a great place to get your prospective customers to give you their….email address (or to drive directly to a purchase) – and we have a lot of prospective customers. LiveIntent’s platform consists of 140MM real people, and with real-time, login-based demographic targeting, you can always find your audience, regardless of device, time zone, or time of day.

And it actually works: When top-four CPG brand was interested in growing the email list for its recipe newsletters, they decided to use LiveIntent for an acquisition campaign and increased the size of its email file by 31% in a single year.

2. Performance: LiveIntent’s Predict engine will optimize the performance of a campaign towards any goal to ensure that advertisers get the maximum return on every dollar spent, whether you’re optimizing towards Click-to-Conversion Rate (CCR), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), or Click-Through Rate (CTR).

3. Customer Quality: Acquiring a lot of customers is great. But what about the quality of those customers? First, consider the source. To paraphrase what we said in our last blog post, it doesn’t matter how many emails, leads, or customers you acquire if they’re the wrong ones.

With LiveIntent, ads are served in content that people want to receive. In fact, they like that content so much that they’ve explicitly opted into it.That also means that they open emails if they’re interested in the content – and if they’re interested enough to give you their email address, they’re likely going to continue opening and engaging with the content you send out.

Here’s how that works in practice: a top-five e-commerce company was testing the idea of acquiring new customers from two logged-in environments: Facebook and LiveIntent. Although Facebook had a lower CPA, customers acquired via LiveIntent produced 2x the cart value of Facebook and a surge of over 10k new customers.

Beyond the structural advantages of a platform based in email, another way to ensure that you’re acquiring quality customers is through lookalike modeling. If you know the characteristics of your best customers – for example, people who live in the suburbs with a HHI of >100k, you can leverage lookalike modeling to reach and acquire customers with those same characteristics with targeted messaging.

For example, LiveIntent worked with a major members-only online retailers to run a lookalike campaign, based off of a non-personally identifiable file of the client’s existing member base. The campaign drove a 2x higher CTR compared to the client’s standard campaigns, and the client acquired 1000s of customers as they began to scale.

In our next installment, we’ll cover CRM Retargeting as a way to maximize your email marketing with LiveIntent.

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