Agency Experts Weigh In: Programmatic Advertising In 2018 and Beyond.

Agency Experts Weigh In: Programmatic Advertising In 2018 and Beyond.

Programmatic advertising has taken over the industry and it isn’t going anywhere soon –so buckle up.

According to eMarketer, nearly four of every five digital display dollars spent in the United States in 2017 was on programmatic advertising, totaling $32.56 billion. By 2019, annual spend is expected to reach $45.94 billion. Talk about swift growth!

If you’ve been trying to avoid programmatic advertising because you’re old school, or you’re scared of the machines finally taking over, don’t worry, because it’s inevitable. Just kidding (sort of).

Here are a few expert predictions for programmatic in 2018 that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Ad agencies may be getting cut out of programmatic

In 2018, more brands might be walking away from agencies and doing their own programmatic advertising.

That’s according to Dustin Peterson, founder of Apex Digital Media. He says he’s noticed that a lot of big companies are doing programmatic in-house. “They either lease the technology themselves or build out their own ways into the exchanges.”

However, agencies still have a chance with smaller companies who cannot afford to build or lease their own technology. Peterson says that, to be relevant, “Provide some kind of a value proposition that the brand doesn’t have in-house.” For example, your unique expertise would qualify.

The study of data is going to become even more important

You hear the words “big data” everywhere. Well, it’s for good reason.

Big data has revolutionized the advertising game and made it easier for agencies to accurately target their audience. In 2018, the big data trend will only continue for programmatic.

Rob Weatherhead, a programmatic consultant with Agent Wolf, says that agencies should be reducing their reliance on cookies and keeping a close eye on emerging GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes. “Advertisers are slowly adopting their own DMP (Data Management Platforms) technology and are coming to grips with the data that they can gather, how they can make sense of it, and how they can activate advertising against it,” Weatherhead says. “On the whole, this should make targeting more accurate in the future – although there is a still a little way for it to go.”

Programmatic will go beyond computer and mobile screens

Right now, you may see programmatic advertising on your Google search results, alongside your favorite BuzzFeed articles, on your Twitter feed, in emails and email newsletters. But thanks to all that data collecting that’s going on, you’ll begin to notice it in unlikely places.

According to Peterson, in future there will be chips in cars collecting your data. When you pull up to the gas station, Bluetooth will connect the chip to the video screen and you’ll see targeted video ads based on your data. “Programmatic will only get more and more targeted,” he says.

Whether you’re tapping into data, advertising in email, social media and across the web, or investing in out-of-home next year, you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve, Weatherhead says. “The world of programmatic is moving so quickly that you need to keep one eye on the future so you don’t get left behind.”