Announcing our Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Active Audiences Platform

I’m very pleased to announce that the LiveIntent platform will be integrating with Salesforce’s Active Audiences platform. With this partnership, our platform will bring Active Audience capabilities to the Email Channel.

What are Active Audiences’ capabilities? With Active Audiences, marketers can act on a single view of the customer across all of the places they run ads – email, web, social, mobile, apps, video. Marketers can now create highly relevant customer journeys at scale, using advertising orchestrated alongside the rest of their marketing. That means the Active Audiences platform integrates with LiveIntent to enable marketers to shape their digital advertising based on a customer’s entire experience with their brand, not just within email. We are powering the marketing to people, irrespective of browser or device.

With this partnership, any Salesforce Marketing Cloud client will be able to leverage our platform for people-based marketing campaigns in email. This will allow those customers to orchestrate personal advertising campaigns as part of every touchpoint along the customer journey.

This pioneering collaboration promises to bring our people-based marketing solution, LiveAudience, to Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers. This new partnership will enable those customers to reach segments of their first party data within email sent by over 750 publishers who work with us.

Our platform has been able to market to people, not pixels, since its earliest days. By partnering with Active Audiences, we are able to empower Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers to utilize their first party data in a way that was not possible, until now. In a world of fragmented attention where brands understand the importance of reaching users cross-device and cross-channel, this partnership with Salesforce puts us on the bleeding edge of marketing platforms.

Stay tuned here for more updates!