The Power of Audience Extension

The Power of Audience Extension

Authored by Taylor Higgins

Increase Awareness and Extend Reach Through 3rd Party Email

Crisp autumn weather is officially here in New York!  For me, that means breaking out my slow cooker and compulsively collecting, testing and sharing recipes.

How I share these recipes will vary depending on who I am sharing with.  I might email a recipe to my mom, tag it in Instagram for my friend, post it on my sister’s Facebook or text it to my brother.

Publishers and brands face a similar problem. Since most people own an average of 3-4 devices and use multiple channels for connecting and communicating with friends, family and brands alike, it can be hard to anticipate where subscribers are paying attention.

When Reader’s Digest (RD) had an internal product launch called “Taste of Home”, they wanted to make sure as many of their subscribers knew about it as possible. To do this, they first sent an update via their email newsletter. Unfortunately, their open rates hovered around 13-15%. That meant that the majority of their subscribers had no idea that the launch was coming. To get in front of the remaining subscribers they used LiveIntent’s platform to reach their subscribers when they were most engaged – 3rd party emails they’ve subscribed to and read.

Extended Reach via 3rd Party Email:

To increase awareness around this new product launch, Reader’s Digest extended the reach of their audience by segmenting and targeting email subscribers who hadn’t opened their newsletter but who had opened a different email newsletter using LiveIntent’s CRM Retargeting solution.

This is how it worked:

Reader’s Digest segmented a list of their existing subscribers’ email addresses to target – in this case, people that hadn’t opened their initial email about the new product.

Next, they securely uploaded encrypted email addresses into the platform as a specific campaign with a matching creative.

Then, whenever someone on their list opened an email sent by any of the 1300+ publishers using LiveIntent’s platform, the system matched them to the campaign and a Taste of Home message was served.


The non-openers saw the Taste of Home message in trusted email newsletters sent by over 1300+ publishers like, Better Homes & Garden, Parenting and The New Yorker.

The campaign drove a 20% lift in clicks and 17% lift in conversions.

For more details, you can read the full case study here.


If your goal is to extend the reach of your readers beyond your own media to where and when they are paying attention, CRM Retargeting in 3rd party email is a great way to do it.  

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