CMO Challenges: What Are The Biggest MarTech Challenges CMOs Face?

CMO Challenges: What Are The Biggest MarTech Challenges CMOs Face?

MarTech Cube, a destination for marketers in the digital age dedicated to marketing technology and the people who buy, influence and consume MarTech around the world, recently featured Kerel Cooper, SVP of Product Marketing at LiveIntent in an interview.

Kerel expounded on CMO challenges, the future of the martech market, its explosion across several categories and technology trends. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

CMO Challenges:

“What’s the biggest challenge that CMOs need to tackle to make marketing technology work?”

CMOs are asked to oversee Marketing and Advertising, and the opportunity to operate at the intersection of the two has come. As exciting as that is, it also presents its challenges.

As a criminal oversimplification, Marketing is commonly understood to be a relationship with a known person (traditionally in email or social media or another logged-in environment where you can be sure of Identity) whereas Advertising is typically understood to be prospecting for the unknown (characterized by channels where Identity has been hard to confirm: like mobile, open web or video).

However, the blessing and the curse for the modern Marketing leader is that it’s now possible to continue a marketing relationship in a channel typically reserved for advertising. In other words, with the power of an Identity Graph, we can now turn the known into the unknown. That’s the good thing.

The challenge, of course, is breaking down the silos to make this possible (a guide to doing so here). In order to bring the beating heart of martech data (email is by far the most important martech data for the convergence) into the AI and other fancy technology leveraged brains of ad-tech, you need a CMO versed in both martech and adtech, and with the emotional intelligence to bring together the two teams and create a language for each to speak to the other.

For more on martech, CMO challenges, and how to prepare for an AI-centric world, read the entire interview originally found here.

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