Client Use Case: Dynamic Product Marketing

Client Use Case: Dynamic Product Marketing

LiveIntent’s Dynamic Product Marketing optimize the customer experience by using interest expressed on your website to automatically personalize creatives that promote relevant products – here’s how one client used them:

A leading fashion retailer wanted to drive more shoes and accessories purchases through their website. To accomplish this, they created a new customer acquisition campaign targeting men and women in the US across the LiveIntent exchange to drive customers to their site. To optimize this campaign further, they used Dynamic Product Marketing that reached site visitors with messaging for products they had already viewed.

Here’s how it worked:

1. The retailer implemented the LiveConnect tag on their website, and worked with their account team to sync their product feed with LiveIntent.

2. When site visitors looked at product pages on the retailer’s site, they were added to the audience segment for that product page.

3. LiveIntent pulled creative assets from the retailer’s product feed to generate dynamic product ads for the same products that site visitors looked at, complete with image, product title, price, CTA, and logo.

4. Customers who visited product pages were reached with those dynamically created messages across the LiveIntent platform’s 1800+ brands and publishers.

The campaign generated over 4000 conversions with an 8.56% conversion rate, and the retailer continues to use Dynamic Product Marketing to generate conversions from their site traffic.

If you have a product feed and are interested in learning more about Dynamic Product Marketing, contact us here.