CRM Remarketing Explained: An Exploration of Modern Marketing and Masculinity

CRM Remarketing Explained: An Exploration of Modern Marketing and Masculinity

This isn’t breaking news but: LiveIntent offers remarketing through its platform: just like Criteo, Facebook, AdRoll or Google. So, how does CRM remarketing work on the LiveIntent platform, in quasi-plain language that, because its quasi-plain language and this industry is insane, will probably miss some nuances? Let me explain.

Let’s say I sign up for an email mailing list from, oh, a Scandinavian furniture retailer, for example.  Doesn’t matter who.

I sign up because I am finally at peace with the reality that this rent-stabilized apartment will be my sole home and it’s time to buy different furniture, for the sake of my marriage. I want to change, but I’m never going to remember to go to the Scandinavian furniture retailer’s website to see the sales of the week. That’s asking too much. I need to be nudged into change, and the email newsletter is how I get that nudge.

I start small. Every week, we glance at the sales online for the Scandinavian furniture retailer delivered to my inbox. My wife and I agree on a bookcase we like: The Jflirtoonen. A bookcase seems like a nice starting point for the new “me.” It’s wood, it houses books, it’s a nice dip of the toes into the lukewarm water of the new me. We buy the Jflirtoonen.

But after countless hours of arbitrarily smashing a hammer into things in a failed attempt to hide the fact that I have no actual life skills from my wife and several very real, very grave conversations about the ethical dilemma of bringing a child with my spatial skills into the world, I decide I’m not opening up another email from this Scandinavian furniture retailer unless it’s an offer for a couple’s therapist.

To be clear; this doesn’t mean I’m not still committed to changing my life and making my rent-stabilized apartment less rent-stabilized. I’m just sore that the Scandinavian furniture retailer exposed me for being a weakling with no basic motor skills and, like the other 80% of people who subscribe to brand emails, will not open what they send me.

Still, the Scandinavian furniture retailer wants to sell me a set of Grflunckin end tables that would go perfectly with my lopsided Jflirtoonen. But if I’m not going to open their emails, they need a verifiable way to reach me where I’m present and paying attention. So, they go to LiveIntent.

LiveIntent helps the Scandinavian furniture retailers the world-over (well, I guess, Scandinavia-over) reach people-verified audiences in one of the most popular and ubiquitous channels in existence: Email.

Our platform makes it possible for the Scandinavian furniture retailer to target the people who signed up for their email newsletter when they are opening emails from publishers that have not shattered their delicate sense of manliness like, say, Patch, or the New York Times, or any of the other thousands of publishers that use LiveIntent to monetize their email newsletter inventory.

So, as I’m reading a newsletter from The Washington Post about how America is producing a generation of men that, even in their mid-40s, believes a Philips head screwdriver is one that looks like their friend Philip, the Scandinavian furniture retailer is able to serve me an ad for the Grflunckin end tables. Which I click on, because I’m determined to prove my worth.

And even after I visit the site and make my purchase, LiveIntent can help the retailer figure out which product I might be interested in next based on our history together and prevent me from seeing any additional ads for the Jflirtoonen or Grflunckins I’ve already purchased. It’s never going to treat me like a stranger. It’s going to treat me like a known customer, because that’s what connecting the email address to online activity is all about. It’s connecting intent to identity and ensuring that connection is (people) verified.

This ability, when combined with the intimacy of the email channel, is why our platform performs at about 10x that of regular advertising.

Anyways, my point is: Can anyone help me put together these end tables?