Customer Acquisition With LiveIntent

Customer Acquisition With LiveIntent

For performance marketers, driving new customer acquisition is often the most important goal. One of LiveIntent’s historical strengths has been new customer acquisition, for several reasons:


LiveIntent’s platform consists of 180MM real people, and with real-time, login-based demographic targeting, you can always find your audience, regardless of device, time zone, or time of day.


LiveIntent’s Predict engine will optimize the performance of a campaign towards any goal to ensure that advertisers get the maximum return on every dollar spent, whether you’re optimizing towards Click-to-Conversion Rate (CCR), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), or Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Customer Quality

People are more engaged in email than in almost any other channel, translating to a higher lifetime value for customers acquired via the LiveIntent platform.


Once you’ve implemented the LiveConnect tag on your website, you’ll enable a suite of strategies that power net-new purchases by connecting real people to ‘live intent’ signals.

Beyond the inherent strength of the platform for traditional prospecting campaigns, LiveIntent offers clients several ways to enhance customer acquisition. Here are a few strategies for acquiring new customers with LiveIntent:

Dynamic Product Marketing

Optimize the customer experience by using interest expressed on your website to reach website visitors with automatically personalized creatives that promote relevant products. By syncing your product feed with LiveIntent, you can also run prospecting campaigns that utilized the 10 most popular products.

Coordinated Campaigns

Use CRM Remarketing to reach more of the 80% of subscribers who don’t open your email with consistent messaging in other premium newsletters. Here’s how it works: You send LIveIntent a hashed list of your email subscribers, along with a creative that matches your upcoming email campaign. When the email is sent, your subscribers are also reached with the creatives across the LiveIntent platform.

Customer Suppression

By suppressing your known CRM segments and website visitors, you can increase efficiency by preventing existing customers from seeing irrelevant offers and messages meant for new audiences.

Client Spotlight

One of the country’s leading specialty apparel retailers had a goal of driving net-new conversion on their website. To accomplish that goal, they placed a LiveConnect tag on their website to optimize campaign performance and suppress against active site visitors. They also sent LiveIntent a hashed version of their CRM file of existing customers for further suppression.

By using the LiveConnect Tag and a CRM suppression list, they were able to ensure that their media spend was used to efficiently reach net-new customers. Over a 49-day period, the campaign drove $390k in revenue, 3,217 total conversions, and an average time on site of 1:58.