MarTech Shaping The Future of Cannes Lions 2018

MarTech Shaping The Future of Cannes Lions 2018

Traveling to the French Riviera this June? Somewhere under a frothing geyser of rosé you’ll find LiveIntent. We’ll be at Cannes Lions, planting the MarTech flag on the glittering, hallowed ground of one of the greatest festivals of advertising creativity – and we’re there to do a lot more than just sip rosé. (Full disclosure: LiveIntent is the official Rosé sponsor of Cannes Lions) We’ll be binding creativity and technology together.

Creativity has always been the unbound force that powers marketing, but in an era of endless data, expectations are higher. You can’t just be ultra-imaginative – you need to be creative and entertaining. To do that, you need to better understand your customers and prospects intent. And to understand intent, you need the right data.

Creativity is whatever your consumer says it is

In the words of eBay and Procter & Gamble director Scott Cook, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Consumers today expect to be informed, entertained, and to be in on the jokes. And they want marketers to act like you know them. If your audience members are chefs, you’d better think beyond the supermarket in your ad visuals. If they’re social media influencers, you’d better treat them like the entrepreneurs that they are.

Ever wonder why Nick Dunjic always wears a nerdy t-shirt in his LiveIntentional biweekly videos and riffs on pop-culture references? It makes tech topics creative, fun and approachable, yes, but it’s also what LiveIntent’s audience loves. The data shows that they come back for more – it’s one of the most engaging types of content.

MarTech can serve as an enabler of targeted creativity. And as AdTech and MarTech converge, creative marketers can meld their ability to execute with their detailed consumer data at scale. It helps them deal with the six big challenges consumer marketers face these days:

1. Personalization and insights: How can we personalize our message to all of our customers?

2. Incremental growth: How can we continue to grow revenue at the same rate?

3. Wasted ad spend: How do we fight fraud and ensure our dollars are spent efficiently?

4. Attribution and measurement: How can we measure the results of ads to know which channels are driving results?

5. Siloed teams and data: How do we extract data from all the pockets within our org, synthesize it, and use it appropriately?

6. Inventory blindspots: How can we make sure we are utilizing our inventory across multiple platforms effectively?

If technology can help brands resolve the “how” and “who,” it allows those brands to get back to being creative. And this year at Cannes Lions, we’ll be talking more about how LiveIntent can help solve these challenges.

LiveIntent has always served as one of the greatest incremental resources to the advertising duopoly because – unlike others – LiveIntent gives brands and advertisers back their first-party data. In a world where marketers want to be more efficient, they must have the insights necessary to know how their consumers progress through the customer journey. By effectively connecting their website, CRM and email data via the LiveIntent platform… email becomes a creative marketers’ superpower. It gives them access to a highly engaged audience, enriches their database, and frees them up to be creative in all the ways consumers demand.

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