Dynamic Product Marketing and LiveConnect: 2 Ways to Improve Your Campaign Performance

Dynamic Product Marketing and LiveConnect: 2 Ways to Improve Your Campaign Performance

As a platform built on the deterministic email address, LiveIntent offers two ways to execute People-based Marketing: LiveConnect and Dynamic Product Marketing.

So what is People-based Marketing? Essentially, People-based Marketing increases your ability to recognize customers everywhere they engage with your brand, and deliver relevant experiences informed by those engagements with your brand. The goal is to treat every customer, new or existing, like your best customers.

People-based Marketing is able to do this because it leverages deterministic identifiers (like the securely hashed email address) to reach real people with one-to-one precision, regardless of channel or device. Having these types of durable IDs at the core of your marketing campaign, as opposed to cookies or device IDs, increases efficiency, reduces wasted ad spend, and enables advanced measurement and attribution.

LiveConnect – Enhancing Your People-based Marketing

What is LiveConnect?

LiveConnect is a way for you to use your marketing data to transform generic digital media buys into personalized, relevant ad experiences. That’s because LiveConnect enables us to infuse people-based data (in this case hashed email addresses) with customer intent data. Our predictive engine uses that people-based data to create greater contrast between shoppers and buyers, and to learn faster – directly correlating to less media waste and dramatically increasing campaign performance by as much as 2x for our existing customers, and rapidly scaling people-based marketing capabilities.

Getting Started with LiveConnect

To get started with LiveConnect, your account team will provide you with a LiveConnect tag to implement on your website. With the tag in place, you’ll be able to execute People-based Marketing at scale, as well as implement Dynamic Product Marketing.

Please note, the below picture is merely an example, each LiveConnect Tag is unique and only the tag provided by your account team should be used. 

What Is Dynamic Product Marketing?

Dynamic Product Marketing optimizes the customer experience by using interest expressed on your website to automatically personalize creatives that promote relevant products.

Here’s an example of how it can work for a retailer:

1. A customer goes to the retailer’s website and visits a product page for a blue t-shirt, but leaves without buying the shirt.

2. The customer is then added to the audience segment for that product page.

3. LiveIntent pulls creative assets from the retailer’s Google- or Facebook- spec product feed to generate a dynamic product ad for that same blue t-shirt, complete with image, product title, price, CTA, and logo.

4. The customer is reached with dynamically created messaging across the LiveIntent platform’s 1800+ brands and publishers.

Getting Started With Dynamic Product Marketing

Once you’ve implemented LiveConnect, your account team will work with you to set up your product feed, and to create the dynamic product marketing.

For more information on Dynamic Product Marketing and LiveConnect, contact us here.