How to Capture Customers’ Attention this Holiday Season

How to Capture Customers’ Attention this Holiday Season

The holidays are here! Can you hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” playing in the back of your mind? Can you taste those delicious fried latkes?

And, perhaps most importantly, are you kicking butt this holiday season with your email campaigns?

There’s a lot of stiff competition out there. To get recognized, you’re going to have to pull off some awesome email marketing tactics.

Cyber Monday 2016 was thought to be the biggest day ever for e-commerce with consumers spending a whopping $3.45 billion online. This year, that record was shattered at $6.59 billion. It was also the first $2 billion day for mobile devices. All in all, 174 million customers shopped online and in stores over the Thanksgiving weekend, spending $335 on average.

So, just because we like you so much, here’s our holiday gift to you: five tips from email marketing experts on how to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes this season and inspire more purchases.

1. Start marketing to people, like, yesterday

You’re reading this article. Great. Now, take a deep breath. Then head on over to your email marketing platform and start sending out emails!

Holiday email marketing needs to start long before the season kicks into full gear. Have that personal connection now with your customers, says Doug Fowler, president of Waypost Marketing. “My best suggestion is going to be that if you haven’t already started making that personal connection with your potential customers, get started right now. Don’t wait till the last minute to try and reach your leads – they’ll have plenty of distraction in their inboxes then!”

2. Pick a killer subject line

Your subscribers are going to receive tons and tons of emails this holiday season. Most of them will have boring subject lines. Don’t be one of them!

Stand out with a short and sweet subject line that describes what customers will save by shopping with you, while also showing off your personality, says Veronica Romney, co-founder of LoSoMo. “For example, if you’re a clothing store catering mostly to young adults, it would be appropriate to set yourself apart from the crowd by adding an emoji or two in your subject line.”

3. Use urgency

Cyber Monday and Black Friday encourages shoppers to spend money because they only last one day each. Don’t forget to employ urgent tactics into your messages this holiday season. Jimmy Rodriguez, COO of 3dcart, says you should send an email once a sale starts “to serve as a reminder and add urgency by reminding them how much time is left before the sale ends.”

4. Personalize your messages

Personalization is in right now. People want to see marketing messages that apply to their lives. And personalization doesn’t just mean that you open with “Hey Karen!” or “Hi Bob!” Romney says you need to spend time constructing an email “that has personality and doesn’t sound as if an app wrote it for you.” It involves actually using data to learn about customers’ interests and shopping habits before you target them with your offers. Dynamic product ads take personalization to another level because you can use the interest your subscribers or customers expressed on your website to automatically personalize creatives that promote relevant products within the emails you send.

5. Think beyond just sending email

Email is about so much more than just sending email these days. With busy holiday schedules and overcrowded inboxes, even if you do everything right, your customers could still miss your message. Use email list segments to target these exact same customers with complimentary messaging when they’re scrolling through Facebook, watching YouTube videos, or even opening emails from other publications and brands. These coordinated campaigns can increase your effective open reach by almost 10X and ensure you’re making the most of your carefully crafted campaigns.

‘Tis the season to satisfy your customers and boost your bottom line, so merry marketing!

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