Introducing Our New COO Dave Helmreich

Introducing Our New COO Dave Helmreich

Post by Jason Kelly, President of LiveIntent

I’m happy to announce that David Helmreich will be joining the LiveIntent team as our new Chief Operating Officer. Dave is an industry veteran of significant renown, and has the expertise the industry is hungry for as we move forward to an advertising and marketing model built on Identity, not device.

I’ve known Dave personally for some time. Like me, he has a background in aviation. Dave was a Naval Aviator after receiving his degree in Computer Science from the US Naval Academy. I know it’s corny, but I believe this background sets him up perfectly to work with Matt, myself and the team. We have a bird’s eye view of where this industry is going: Brands and advertisers are interested in reaching people, and our unique ability to leverage the power of the email address to reach consumers as they pay attention requires a bravery, foresight and patience that Dave has developed at 500 knots and 35,000 feet.

Dave has been at the intersection of identity, audience targeting, and media for over ten years. With that expertise comes a shared vision – something that’s obvious to us in the weeds but still being understood by the industry: marketing needs to be targeted towards real people, and not a cookie or device. This requirement and capability is talked about by many – but only can be implemented by a few companies. LiveIntent is one of those companies with this capability.

Dave will manage LiveIntent’s strategic relationships with our partners like: Oracle, LiveRamp, Google’s DoubleClick For Publishers, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and Salesforce. The opportunity that Dave is tasked with is simple: We will empower Publishers and Advertisers to get more revenue and return from email as a channel. We’re helping the industry use the email address as the universal identifier it has become, and evolving past just being a pioneer to the market leader. Dave is going to be a key part of what’s to come for LiveIntent, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the team.

In telling Matt Keiser, our Founder and CEO, that I was going to publish this, he gave me this quote, “We’ve quietly been building the LiveIntent people-based marketing platform for years, creating connections to the other marketing clouds and people-based pioneers. There’s no greater validation of our strategy and audacious vision than being able to hire this type of world-class talent. The conversation around Identity will dominate the future of this industry, and few are as equipped to navigate those waters as a former naval pilot like Dave Helmreich.”

Before coming to us, Dave was the CEO of Audience Partners, an advertising platform that helps marketers target media and advertising across a variety of digital channels. Before that, he also was a key part of industry innovation at TARGUSinfo and Neustar (TARGUSinfo was acquired by Neustar in 2011).  Dave is a brave man, as demonstrated by his experience in flying aircraft and every week when he takes a straight razor to his scalp.

LiveIntent's New COO Dave Helmreich
LiveIntent’s New COO Dave Helmreich