LiveIntent Integrates with Oracle Marketing Cloud

LiveIntent Integrates with Oracle Marketing Cloud

LiveIntent is excited to announce our integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud, which enables the seamless and secure transfer of anonymized client data from Oracle Responsys clients to the LiveIntent platform for CRM retargeting campaigns. With the integration, marketers can now turn the CRM data they have developed and nurtured into an indispensable tool for marketing and advertising using LiveAudience, LiveIntent’s CRM retargeting solution.

That anonymized data is then leveraged by the LiveIntent platform for CRM retargeting campaigns that reach people in logged-in media with hyper-targeted display messaging across all devices, in real-time, in emails sent by over 1300 brands and publishers. LiveIntent is the only platform that reaches people consuming premium email newsletters and alerts, providing fraud-free, highly viewable media that seamlessly translates across all devices.

Here’s an example of how LiveAudience works with Oracle Responsys:

1. You want to reach your customers who purchased Mother’s Day flowers from your website last year, but they have not clicked in your email message. Within Oracle Responsys, you create your segment of the email addresses of flower purchasers/non-clickers. The segment is sent seamlessly to LiveIntent for your LiveAudience campaign.

2. You then pair that segment with a matching display ad creative offering them 20% off flower arrangements.

3. The campaign launches using your segment and your assets to reach those customers when they’re opening one of the 6000+ email newsletters on our platform.

4. A customer who has bought Mother’s Day flowers opens their The New York Times email and your ad for 20% off a bouquet is served in real-time, no matter what device they’re using.


So with LiveAudience, you get the reach, relevance and effectiveness of site retargeting, with the cross-device, one-to-one nature of email. Through the use of Oracle Responsys and LiveAudience, any brand can increase return visits and conversions.

To find our more about LiveIntent and our integration with Oracle, visit our Contact Us page.