Integration with Salesforce

LiveIntent Integration With Salesforce Active Audiences

One tactic that has come to forefront of digital marketing over the past few years is the concept of CRM retargeting. Brands are taking advantage of their data to reach their best customer segments with targeted messages based on their specific customer experience. This is a great new ability, and it has proven itself extremely valuable, but it does have one set-back: moving customer data from one platform to another is not always a seamless experience, and it can be difficult to update the customer segments in real time as a campaign progresses.

That’s why we’re extremely excited about our Active Audiences within Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, which empowers Salesforce customers to utilize their first party data across the LiveIntent platform in ways that were not previously possible.

Active Audiences within Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows marketers to have a single view of the customer across all of the places they run ads – email, mobile, social, web, apps, and video. Specifically, it allows for the creation and automation of first-party customer segments for use with Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences, as well as LiveIntent’s CRM retargeting solution, LiveAudience.

In effect, that means marketers can connect their advertising to each customer’s unique customer journey, at scale, across any device. Our partnership with Salesforce allows Active Audiences customers to seamlessly match their customer segments with the LiveIntent audience of 120MM in the email newsletters of premium publishers, making sure that they reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Here’s an example of how LiveAudience works with Active Audiences:

  1. You want to reach your customers who have purchased winter gloves from your website but have not clicked in your email message. Within Active Audiences, you create your audience (segment) of the email addresses of glove purchasers/non-clickers. The segment is sent seamlessly to LiveIntent for your LiveAudience campaign.
  2. You then pair that segment with a matching display ad creative offering them 20% off winter scarves.
  3. The campaign launches using your segment and your assets to reach those customers when they’re opening one of the 5000+ email newsletters on our platform.
  4. A customer who has bought winter gloves opens their The New York Times email and your ad for 20% off a winter hat is served in real-time, no matter what device is being used.

So with LiveAudience, you get the reach, relevance and effectiveness of site retargeting, with the cross-device, one-to-one nature of email.

Through the use of Active Audiences and LiveAudience, any brand can increase return visits and conversions. And they can be sure that their data is secure, because it never leaves the trusted environment of Salesforce.

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