LiveIntent Joins New Consortium to Advance People-Based Advertising with Greater Value, Transparency and Trust

LiveIntent Joins New Consortium to Advance People-Based Advertising with Greater Value, Transparency and Trust

We took another strong step today to bridge the industry gap between advertising and marketing. We are extending our partnership with LiveRamp by joining the People-Based Advertising Consortium – a group consisting of us and LiveRamp, along with AppNexus, MediaMath, OpenX, Index Exchange and RocketFuel. This new cooperative will drive balance to brands and publishers connecting with people on a one-to-one basis while respecting privacy. As the marketing ecosystem evolves and look beyond the duopoly of the walled gardens of Facebook and Google, it’s our responsibility to drive greater levels of efficiency, transparency and, ultimately, trust to our valued customers. You can find more information on the Consortium here.

Our fearless leader, Matt Keiser took part in the announcement, made in person at AppNexus’ Summit event in London earlier today. Here’s what Matt had to say:

“This is a natural extension of our already deep partnership with LiveRamp and its IdentityLink service. For marketers that leverage LiveIntent’s platform for people-based marketing, the consortium expands the reach of identity-informed campaigns. For Publishing brands, the consortium provides access to new identity-informed demand, increasing the value of their inventory. Marketers want access to their audiences, irrespective of browser or devices, where their customers are spending time. Inventory sellers need to be able to provide identity resolution to buyers for targeting, measurement, and attribution.”

While some people might assume all Marketing is People-Based Marketing, that’s, sadly, not true. A lot of marketing is targeted towards devices, not people. Expecting cross-device messaging is foolhardy in a world where we constantly live on multiple devices. With a shift to people-based marketing, brands can stop talking to their best customer like strangers. No more ads for things they’ve already purchased. No more introducing yourself like an amnesiac to your best customer.  This consortium represents an important moment for industry, and represents to democratization of Identity. With better reach and measurement/attribution for marketers and better value for publishers, everyone wins!

That’s why we are working more closely with our partners to create relevancy and value across the advertiser and publisher ecosystem. In our world, we are bifurcated by data sets called probabilistic and deterministic. I’m going to let my esteemed colleague, Nick Dujnic, explain to you how deterministic data provides one of the core pillars of people-based marketing. What’s important is that by driving this coalition, the aim is to truly engage with a specific person with a message that resonates – irrespective of device, channel or platform.

Stay tuned for more on this topic, coming your way in the next LiveIntentional issue.