Upping the People-Based Marketing Game

LiveIntent and LiveRamp Team Up to Expand Cross-Channel Marketing Capabilities



Today, LiveIntent and LiveRamp, a leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, have joined forces to introduce new advances in people-based marketing that help brands and publishers increase the value of their digital media transactions. The combination of LiveIntent’s massive logged-in (via the email address), people-based inventory and LiveRamp’s omnichannel data capabilities gives marketers a greater opportunity to precisely reach their customers and prospects more in a viewable and fraud-free environment.


Why Is This Important? – Reach and Scale Outside of the Email Channel


In a post-cookie world, identity driven marketing can drive significant improvements to an overall strategy.  Brands cannot afford to solely rely on the cookie as a way to reach people across multiple devices.  As people-based marketing delivers the next step in the evolution of the marketing ecosystem, joint customers can access significant people-based inventory at scale.  


“For long, people-based marketing existed only in the hallowed halls of Facebook, Google and other walled gardens online. Offline, it always existed in the undesirable but incredibly effective world of personalized direct mail,” said LiveIntent COO, David Helmreich.  “Our partnership with LiveRamp brings the level of specificity and actionability to well lit, high quality, fraud free inventory that isn’t constrained by the lack of feedback inherent in working with large walled gardens.”


LiveIntent will now utilize LiveRamp’s IdentityLink identity resolution service, which enables people-level messaging and measurement in email and across the web.  It allows for two major benefits that do not exist well in the ecosystem today:


1. True cross device capabilities, including over-the-top (OTT) and addressable platforms.


2. Measurement on spend that happens outside of browser context – true people-based attribution.


The Email Address – The Linchpin of Identity


This integration is a reflection of LiveIntent’s mission, which embraces the reality that email is no longer about sending just email messages and offers.  Opportunity abounds as it has evolved to become the force behind Identity and marketing to people.  The email address is the linchpin of Identity in a modern, mobile world and will act as the identifier for brands finding their known audiences as they traverse the open web.

A Partnership That Benefits Many


A partnership like this one delivers significant value to many players in the ecosystem and provides clear benefits for both buyers and sellers.  Brands and advertisers want access to their audiences, and publishers need to be able to provide resolution to buyers for targeting, measurement and attribution to prove the efficacy of their inventory.  Through LiveRamp’s IdentityLink, LiveIntent is able to accelerate and expand people-based marketing and advertising efforts to reach consumers everywhere in both logged-in environments like email, and across the web.


According to Helmreich, “Any company that cares about the individual desires and preferences of their consumers will benefit. Finance and Retail industries are the low hanging fruit – not only for personalization – but regulations that require that offers be targeted to the individual and not just someone that may most likely be that individual.  When companies are targeting households versus individuals, things can get awkward, especially when you see your significant other’s shopping behavior.”  


Joke aside, people-based marketing should translate into how we can just talk to people – not computers – not browsers – not devices.  And with the growing number of devices that individuals use on a daily basis to consume media, Identity is the future.


For a deep-dive into the details of the LiveRamp and LiveIntent partnership, read on here at PR Newswire.

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