LiveIntent Partners with LiveRamp

Post by Joe Dressler, Senior VP of Sales

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently been named a LiveRamp Platinum Partner! We’re one of five partners on this level, which means a rare sense of partnership and service to our joint clients. 

We chose to partner with LiveRamp because we saw its commitment and investment in making marketing better for brands, advertisers, publishers, and consumers. 

With our integration, marketers can connect their cookies to actual people in a brand new, untapped display channel — and synchronize their campaigns across every channel and device. Our Platinum Level status – the highest level of certification in LiveRamp’s newly launched program – indicates that we’ve demonstrated our commitment to connectivity in four distinct ways, including the following certifications:  

1.      Speed Certification, which highlights partners who can process and activate data rapidly

2.      Connector Certification, for partners who can serve as a destination as well as a source of data

3.      People-Based Marketing Certification, which highlights partners who enable individual level recognition and targeting 

4.      Go-To-Market Certification, highlighting partners who provide well-documented use cases and marketing collateral that highlights how they work with LiveRamp. 

How does the integration work, again?

We’re glad you asked! Clients can access LiveRamp segments straight from the LiveIntent platform, where they can: 

·        Target their users without having to worry about cookies, device ID’s, phone numbers or postal addresses, none of which works cross device.

·        Easily run display ad campaigns within a new inventory source….email

·        Optimize in real-time for performance goals.

Additional Resources

For more on how we help mutual clients reach customers, check out our one-sheet. To get started, please visit our Contact Us page or contact your LiveIntent sales rep.