LiveInterview: What is People-Based Marketing?

This week, we talk to some of the best and brightest minds at RampUp 2017 about what People-Based Marketing is, what makes it such a hot topic right now, and why no one can agree on what it actually means.

Here’s a preview of what some of the folks we spoke to had to say about People-Based Marketing:


Dani Cushion


“The ability to market and reach someone, or at least be able to define someone at a one-to-one level.”

Joe Lyons
VP Strategic Partnerships


“It’s all about the 360 degree profile of the user.”

Jayne Babine
VP, Media & Advertising


“It is critical to understand who your customers are when they’re engaged with any sort of message or opportunity to have a real customer touchpoint.”


Len Ostroff

VP, Global Business Development



“Understanding the consumer on a 1-to-1 basis.”


Anita Absey
SVP, General Manager Consumer Insight


“We think the opportunity to communicate to people based on how they behave and actually act gives brands and consumers a real opportunity to have a positive experience.”


Maureen Little
SVP Business & Corporate Development


“Finding users who are in market who can be a relevant target for prospecting, it is also the ability to take the creative asset and rotate that based on that user’s place in their buying process – in their customer consumer journey.”


Mark Wagman
VP, Data & Technology Solutions


“Moving beyond marketing to a segment, beyond marketing to a group of people and getting down to as close to that one-to-one level of communication you can get with your customer or potential target.”