Living Life Creatively @ LiveIntent

Living Life Creatively @ LiveIntent

The lines between work and life are becoming more blurred every year. We want to provide more than a job. Of course, people need to know what’s expected of them and how they are performing. But just as important, people need to be part of something they believe in while having fun along the way. We all spend a significant amount of time working and/or thinking about work. If work can somehow make life easier, more fun and rewarding, it’s a win-win.

I have the best job in the world. I have the opportunity to get to know everyone in the company and collaborate with them to foster engagement, learning and fun during and after work hours. I often find that when people get wrapped up in work, they often stop doing the things that bring great joy to their lives; playing sports, running, volunteering, creating art, playing an instrument, etc. 

As many folks know, one of my favorite activities is singing and writing music. I’m truly at my best when I have a creative outlet, and I’m not alone. I’m lucky that there are several people at LiveIntent that love playing music and are willing to play in our band RIFFF (Resistance Is Futile, Find Fun). The best part about being in the band is our rehearsals. There’s nothing like creating a song from scratch with a group of accomplished musicians who understand the importance of Being Present and listening to each other.

RIFFF ( band members in this photo include (left to right) Lukas Raynaud, Chris Chen, Kaitlyn Bradley, Dan Winter, Sean Leigh and Kenny Dell.

Last week’s rehearsal was extra special. 

As with many businesses, this is the time of year where we recruit and give many interns a taste of “tech life”. It’s always fun. We get to meet young talented people and they make our lives easier. What I didn’t expect was that one of the interns would end up being a great saxophone player!

On his 3rd day on the job, Lukas Raynaud had the gumption to attend a RIFFF rehearsal. For most people, that would be stepping outside of their comfort zone, but in this case Lukas was stepping into his comfort zone. On the way to rehearsal (A Train) he said that there was no easy way for him to play his sax. You can’t play a sax quietly and he had no easy (and cheap) place to practice without annoying the neighbors. I learned that he spent a year in London where he jammed with various groups. There, he learned the importance of listening, creating space for others and identifying the riffs that truly matter.

Once we got to Smash Studios, it didn’t take long for Lukas to fit right in. Not only can he rip on the sax but he also plays piano. Here’s a video snippet of Lukas working with us on a new song that we’ll debut in August.


The band helps us find fun and live life creatively. If we do a good job of that, we’ll write a few good songs, entertain our coworkers and friends and contribute to making LiveIntent one of the best places to work.