Stick To Your 2019 Marketing Resolutions with LiveIntent

Stick To Your 2019 Marketing Resolutions with LiveIntent

If you’re like us, then you know that sticking to your New Year’s resolutions takes a lot of focus. While we can’t help you spend less on delivery meals or learn a new language, LiveIntent is here to help you keep your marketing and advertising resolutions alive.

If you want to acquire more customers, drive positive ROAS, and reach real people when and where they pay attention, read on below . You’ll learn about the different ways we can enhance your acquisition efforts and help you stay true to your resolutions in 2019, as well as see some examples of how other clients used them in 2018:

‘Make New Friends’ – Customer Acquisition

LiveIntent can help you take a full-funnel approach to your customer acquisition efforts, improving performance and lowering overall acquisition costs. Want to prospect net-new site visitors, remarket to them with an email acquisition campaign, and then also try to get them to buy something from your site? LiveIntent can help you do it all.

Client Case Study
Perky Jerky, a premium beef jerky company, used a full-funnel approach for their acquisition efforts in 2018 and saw great success. After implementing the LiveConnect Tag on their site, Perky Jerky was able to segment and differentiate between audiences, allowing them to utilize various strategies to capture new site visitors and drive them down the funnel. Perky Jerky saw 8,200 new site visitors, of which 1,330 became new subscribers. Read the case study here.

‘Stay Relevant’ – Dynamic Product Marketing

Dynamic Product Marketing (DPM) optimizes the customer experience by using interest expressed on clients’ websites to automatically personalize creatives. Instead of individually creating an ad for each product, clients can work with LiveIntent to create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from a client’s product feed to generate relevant creatives.

DPM automatically updates ads with new products from the product feed, ensuring that campaigns continually reach the right individuals with the right products at the right time. Furthermore, timely and relevant ads also help to increase scale and boost performance, which ultimately improves spend efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

Client Use Case
An upscale retailer wanted to drive more shoes and accessories purchases through their website. To accomplish this, they created a new customer acquisition campaign that aimed to drive qualified traffic to their website. To optimize the campaign further, they used Dynamic Product Marketing to reach site visitors with creatives for products users had previously viewed on site. Ultimately, the campaigns generated over 4,000 conversions at 8.56% conversion rate. Read the case study here.

‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ – Programmatic

LiveIntent allows clients to buy our inventory programmatically via our DSP partners. This option enables media buyers to efficiently gain access to LiveIntent inventory while using the interfaces and processes that they are used to. Buyers can use first- or third-party data, buy via Deal IDs, run Native campaigns, and access all their data in a transparent and centralized platform. DSP buyers, in turn, have full control over strategy, trafficking, optimizations, and reporting.

Client Case Study
In 2018, one of LiveIntent’s Global Big Box Retailer partners was looking to drive sales by retargeting site visitors with a specific native message across LiveIntent’s inventory. Utilizing the DSP’s bulk upload tool, the client was able to provide the audience of site visitors with a relevant and timely product message. The end result was a 45x ROAS for the client. To learn more about spending programmatically with LiveIntent, watch our programmatic webinar here.