Meet A LiveIntenter: Amanda Glatthorn, Customer Success Manager

Meet A LiveIntenter: Amanda Glatthorn, Customer Success Manager

Ever struggle finding a restaurant that caters to all of your wants, food allergies and price points? People at LiveIntent don’t have that problem thanks to Amanda Glatthorn and her infamous excel spreadsheet of restaurants throughout the city. Apart from being LiveIntent’s go-to dinner and lunch spot recommender, Amanda works as a Customer Success Manager and assists clients with their debacles (food or platform alike).

In this edition of Meet a LiveIntenter, we introduce you to Amanda, who’s “motherly” ways and years of experience make her a LiveIntent fan-favorite.

1. What led you to LiveIntent?

I was working as a Media Planner at an ad agency in midtown and came home late and worn-out one night from work. My roommate had some of our friends over and one of them was Jasmina Stritoff, who formerly worked in LiveIntent’s Product Department. She started pouring honey in my ear about LiveIntent and I think I applied the next day.

2. Has your perception about email changed since working for LiveIntent?

Oh, absolutely. Email has always been my primary news source, so that hasn’t changed. The first thing I do every morning before crawling out of bed is check the NY Times Daily Briefing, then the Economist’s Espresso newsletter, then Eater NY if I haven’t pressed snooze six times that morning. It’s like our parent’s version of getting the paper delivered and reading it in bed, but I don’t have to go anywhere and it’s right on my phone. All the content I want is there, with ads tailored exactly to me. I used to take those personalized ads for granted, but now I get a spark of joy knowing I help put them there, which is magnified when it’s something I want to click on.

undefined3. What do you enjoy most when you’re not working?

I could make something cool up and say I like bouldering or ax throwing (yes, this is a now a thing), but the truth is that I’m most content in my parent’s kitchen in Connecticut or my own in Brooklyn. Nothing makes me happier than making a big spread and having people I love around me talking, eating, and drinking. I’m also a compulsive book collector. I just finished The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen, which is one of those books I can’t stop thinking about. Other favorites are Lolita, Invisible Cities, and Fates & Furies.

4. What do colleagues say is your best quality?

It would be way easier for me to talk about my worst qualities… this question made me cringe. I had to ask people because I wasn’t going to go presuming things they might say about me. I got a mix of reviews but mostly that I’m kind and motherly (mind you, I’m 27). Did I mention that growing up I wanted to be Mrs. Claus?

5. What are three things most people don’t know about you?

1. I love pickled vegetables and my favorite Christmas present last year was a huge Ohio Stoneware fermentation crock.

2. I secretly love that show A Haunting on Destination America… my mom and I will watch hours at a time.

3. I am (really) distantly related to Norwegian royalty.

6. You’re well known around the office for your chef skills, what is your favorite thing to cook and what is your favorite thing to order when eating out?

My favorite thing to cook is Thanksgiving dinner. My family is weird and orders it pre-made so that we can spend Thanksgiving hiking/not yelling at each other in the kitchen, so every year I have my own Friendsgiving the week before Thanksgiving. I’ll have around 15-20 friends over and make goat cheese mashed potatoes and corn bread & collard greens stuffing and a turkey. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. As for eating out, I could probably live off of ramen. My favorite place is Chuko Ramen in Prospect Heights (get the veggie miso with ground pork and extra garlic-chili oil).

7. Who has inspired you in your life and why?

I feel blessed in that I come from a strong girl-tribe. My grandmother was one of three girls, likewise my mother, and each sister has two daughters. My grandmother grew up in a small town and would walk miles to her job as a schoolteacher every day in the bitter Iowa winters. She went on to become a Wave in WWII and later, a radio personality. She was also the first woman in her town to wear shorts, which makes me smile. My own mother lived many lives before becoming who she is today. I’m inspired by the stories and histories of the women in my family and am doing my best to live up to them. My grandmother’s motto was Carpe Diem.

8. Tell us about one of your proudest moments at LiveIntent?

I was promoted from Ad Account Coordinator to Account Manager last year, which felt good after all of the work I had put in to get there. I am always proud when a campaign succeeds and grows because of my efforts or when clients compliment us on our work.


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