Meet A LiveIntenter: Chris Chen, Director of Sales Engineering

Meet A LiveIntenter: Chris Chen, Director of Sales Engineering

Master Twitter Jedi or V-Neck Connoisseur? Either way, Chris Chen, known for his extensive v-neck collection, is one of our most in-demand employees at LiveIntent. Whether it’s helping with an issue in sales, coding up a new script or giving someone life advice, Chen is our go-to guy.

In this edition of Meet a LiveIntenter, we introduce you to Chris Chen, who some might call the backbone of LiveIntent.

What led you to LiveIntent?

I first started working with Matt Keiser (CEO) as one of the first interns during LiveIntent 1.0. At that time, I was looking for a summer internship, preferably at a start-up and I came across LiveIntent from an online blog called, “One Day One Internship.” The original idea that Matt had revolved around the Twitter platform and though I was big on social, I knew nothing about Twitter. I had to become a Master Twitter Jedi in order to do my job well, and I have LiveIntent to thank for my Twitter prowess.

Has your perception about email changed since working for LiveIntent?

In the past, I never thought deeply about the email channel or the power of an email address. Now, I understand its value within the advertising and marketing space. When introducing LiveIntent to others, I like to ask this question, “When is the last time you’ve changed your personal email address?” My email address is my Identity to the web.

What are three things most people don’t know about you?

1. I’m the oldest of three brothers.

2. I was born in the backseat of a car.

3. I don’t have a college degree

What was a project you were particularly proud of or had obstacles that you had to overcome?

One project I’m proud of is a script I wrote years ago when I used to manage technical operations for our dedicated business. Our dedicated ad solutions provide targeted high-impact messaging in premium publishers, and our biggest dedicated advertiser at the time required an exhausting amount of data management both pre and post campaign flight. Manually executing on these requirements was inefficient and prone to human error (and a pain in the ass). Before transitioning off the dedicated team, I spent time learning more about bash scripting so I could start automating many of my tasks, as well as hand off the automation to the next person who would own the work. I believe the script is still being used to this day – granted it still has some bugs to work out!

In 140 characters or less, tell us what you bring to the sales engineering team

The success of each team member will be the success of the team. My goal is to teach from my years of experiences at LiveIntent. #exactly140

If you weren’t interested in people-based marketing, what would you be doing today?

Is this a trick question in which I’m supposed to say high performance meat snacks? (Our CEO is also the co-founder of PerkyJerky)

What are some attributes you admire of the top people in your field?

Whether in this field or any other field of work, a trait I admire greatly is being able to listen completely to others around you. It’s a very simple concept that is taught to you as a child, at home, in school, at work, by friends and family – and yet so easily forgotten. We create solutions for problems that people have. People have a lot to say.

And finally, how many V-necks do you own?

I proudly own 13 V-necks. Most of them black.

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