Meet A LiveIntenter: Nathaniel Greene, Lead Client Services Specialist

Meet A LiveIntenter: Nathaniel Greene, Lead Client Services Specialist

He may be the youngest of three, but he’s a natural born leader. After learning more about the AdTech and MarTech industry, Nathaniel Greene stumbled upon LiveIntent in his job search and noticed that no one else was doing anything similar in the email environment. Now, he leads a team of individuals who can deal with almost any campaign inquiry thrown their way.

In this edition of Meet A LiveIntenter, we introduce you to Nate (as he’s fondly known around the office), the “karaoke machine” and one of our Lead Client Services Specialists.

What’s the best way to start your morning before a work day?

Getting a quality workout before coming to the office is very rewarding for me. Whether I’m going on a nice run, hitting the weights or doing a little yoga, I enter the day filled with energy, focus, and a peace of mind when I burn those calories early in the morning.

Has your perception about email changed since working for LiveIntent?

Absolutely! I never looked at my email address as my own unique outlet to the web until I started working at LiveIntent. I’m always amazed to see what ads are “following me” when I open the newsletters I’m subscribed to.

What are three things most people would be surprised to find out about you?

1. I’m the youngest of three. I like to think I don’t give off the “baby-boy” vibe and most people are often surprised to hear I’m the youngest.

2. I play the saxophone. I started playing around age seven, so I try my best to maintain my chops these days. If you need a saxophonist at your next event, I’m your guy!

3. I’m a karaoke machine. There’s no better feeling than hitting the stage and singing your heart out after a looong day of work!

How does your role as a Lead Client Services Specialist fit into the big picture at LiveIntent?

The CSS Lead is at the intersection of our product, engineering and sales departments. Whether it’s handling a technical inquiry or taking the lead on a client call, Client Services Specialists are the heart of LiveIntent!

If you only had a 15 seconds to give your best advice to someone, what would it be?

Be in the moment. All you have is NOW! We get so caught up worrying and anticipating the future or debating the past, that we forget tomorrow is not promised. You have the opportunity to live your best life NOW! I encourage everyone to read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. That was the game-changer for me.

What’s the most challenging part about being a CSS Lead?

Being in a million places at once. Sometimes there’s not enough time in the day to handle every request, meet with every team member, or anything else on my extensive to-do list.

What do you enjoy most when you’re not working?

Anything music. Whether I’m practicing my instrument, listening to music or attending a show with my lovely lady, I’ll be in my happy place which is keeping the artist in me alive.

If we don’t remember anything else from this interview, what’s the important thing to remember about the Client Services Department?

We’re a well-versed department able to tackle almost any inquiry thrown at us. The Client Services Department puts the “Intent” in LiveIntent.

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