Infographic: How To Make The Most Delicious PBM Sandwich

Infographic: How To Make The Most Delicious PBM Sandwich

A People-based Marketing Recipe

What if we told you that you could boost your marketing ROI simply by making a sandwich? We call this one the People-based Marketing (PBM) special. It’s like a PB&J (delicious, obviously) and it’s an essential part of any healthy marketing diet.

You see, nobody can sustain themselves on cookies alone (unless you’re a certain googly-eyed monster). You need to build a sandwich that actually nurtures the growth of your marketing – one that addresses your audience as people at scale.

people-based marketing recipe

Here’s our People-based Marketing recipe for the most delicious PBM sandwich in four easy steps:

1. People

People, like bread, come first. Why does order matter? Because if you start with anything else you’ll make a righteous mess and everyone around you will see that you’ve done something terribly wrong.

You’ll want two slices of bread: the media and the CRM. Those are the teams where you’ll find real data on real people that you’ve collected through signing customers up, collecting subscribers through owned media, and segmenting your data. It’s the closest you’ll get to true accuracy and it serves as a great foundation for the other ingredients.

Of course, people are great and all, but if you ate this sandwich right now, it would be pretty unsatisfying. That’s because while filling, it’s not very nutritious. To get real mileage out of your marketing you’ll need more layers.

2. Technology

Next, spread the sweet, sweet jam that is your technology stack. To make the jam, mix together anything you like from whatever platform you’ve got, be that from the demand- side system, supply side, retargeting, data , CRM, marketing automation, or email service provider. There are lots of flavors and limitless combinations.

It might seem like some of these don’t mix well together at first, but give it a little time and you’ll find that the flavors meld and complement each other. With two sweet sides to a sandwich, it’s time to bind them together by glomming on the final ingredient.

3. Identity

Finally, it’s time for the heavy stuff. Spread that identity peanut butter on thick from your CRM data, cookies, device IDs, and more, which you’ve ideally mixed thoroughly into some sort of super sticky identity graph. If you don’t have one of those on hand, you can always start with email. Most brands have emails lying about and they have an incredibly long shelf life (although fresher is always better! There’s nothing worse than stale data in a PBM sandwich!)

4. More People

Now, go back to your people (bread) on the media and CRM sides and spread the technology and data evenly across. This is very important because you’re going to want to make sure that everyone has access to everything. This sandwich works best when there are no gaps or silos.

Once you’re done, join those people-bread slides and let the technology jam and identity peanut butter fuse into a mouthwatering PBM sandwich that covers all the major food groups (jelly is a fruit, right?). Now you have a delicious PBM sandwich you can distribute to all your favorite channels! Hope you enjoyed this People-based Marketing recipe!