LiveIntent Named People-based Marketing Startup to Watch In 2018

LiveIntent Named People-based Marketing Startup to Watch In 2018

Marketing to people seems obvious, but the truth isĀ marketers struggle to be present where their customers are paying attention and they often struggle to meet consumers’ personalization expectations. People-based marketing promises the ability to offer consistent marketing to an individual, regardless of the device he or she is using.

At LiveIntent, we are entirely people-based with identity at the core.

LiveIntent is listed among other technology leaders like LiveRamp and Media Math in Inc.’s People-Based Marketing: 9 Startups to Watch in 2018.

“This company realizes that brands need to be present wherever their customers are, and the solutions that they offer are designed to foster genuine relationships between the two of them.” – James Paine, Inc.

Our people-based marketing software helps you to never treat your best customers like strangers and always treat strangers like your best customers. For more on the nine people-based marketing companies to watch, read the original article first published on Inc. here.

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