Perky Jerky Drives Qualified Leads Down The Conversion Funnel with LiveIntent

Perky Jerky Drives Qualified Leads Down The Conversion Funnel with LiveIntent


Perky Jerky is a premium jerky that’s marinated overnight in a blend of all-natural ingredients. This product is available in retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, The Home Depot, CVS and others. As a rapidly expanding company, they’re looking to drive new customer acquisition and grow their eCommerce business.Strategy

Perky Jerky wanted to drive prospects down the conversion funnel by acquiring email addresses and bringing quality traffic to their site.

To accomplish that, they added the LiveConnect Tag to their site, which they use to track conversions and suppress existing customers, and ran an email acquisition campaign across the LiveIntent exchange of 2000+ publishers and brands


 Over the course of the campaign, Perky Jerky has gained 8200 new site visitors, 90% of whom are net new traffic. These visitors have a 68% bounce rate (compared to 90% from other channels), and spend an average of 1:04 on site, as opposed to 11 seconds on average from other channels. “I’m surprised at the quality of the traffic that’s being driven to the site compare to other channels”, said Patrick Bernard, mEatCommerce Director at Perky Jerky.

Of the site visitors, Perky Jerky drove 1330 people into their CRM database stream. That audience segment was sent a series of emails with coupon offers for Perky Jerky products, which 157 have redeemed to date. The total audience of 1330 new subscribers has a 2.3% unsubscribe rate, compared with 4.2% for all Perky Jerky emails, and a 38% open rate for people who have opened more than one email.

From the Client

“I’ve done a lot of programmatic buys in the past, and the results from our work with LiveIntent has completely surprised me… we are driving a tremendous amount of eyeballs but I was not expecting the traffic to be as quality as it is. The targeting algorithm works to find the right person. It speaks to the quality of the audience – people who are receptive to email marketing.”
Patrick Bernard
VP of mEatCommerce

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