Speaking at AdExchanger Programmatic I/O

Speaking at AdExchanger Programmatic I/O

I had the great pleasure of speaking at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O a few weeks ago, and was able to do so with Jay Glogovsky who is the Director of Yield & Programmatic at The New York Times.

We were tasked with making the case to our audience about the importance of email newsletters. I love making the case for things I’m passionate about, and making the case to love email as a digital marketer is a lot easier than making the case to root for the New York Mets, which is the other thing I’m known for.

Here’s the basic argument we made:

Publishers are under attack: We’re living in a world where publishers are in the fight of their lives. They’re told to invest their resources in platforms they don’t own (often social platforms). Then, they inevitably find out these platforms don’t have their best interest at heart.

One week, you find out that the social networks are going to tweak their algorithm, rendering your traffic source moot. The next week, you find out that the reason you’ve been investing in video is not what it seems to be, and the pain your organization feels from that pivot remains fresh.

Meanwhile, when it comes to attribution, publishers are in a constant fight to get credit for all the business that they drive.

Email Newsletters are a Salve: Email newsletters are a publisher’s ticket to freedom.

• Direct to Consumer: With an email newsletter, there is no bad actor lurking in the shadows to disintermediate your relationship. No algorithm will change the delivery of your email. No metrics will be faked to goose your relationship one way or the other.

Creates Loyalty: The people who subscribe to your email newsletter are those who have raised their hands and asked for the requested content. They’re often your best-performing customers. They’re engaged, and you’re giving them the content they’ve asked for.

Prepares a Publisher for the future: The future of marketing is people-based marketing, and the key to this is the desire that brands have to reach customers wherever they are paying attention with consistent messaging irrespective of device, channel or platform. 89% of marketers believe that the email address is the most valuable piece of data and sits at the center of People-based marketing. Having direct access to your email subscriber list puts publishers in a position to succeed in a world that will value a people-verified audience like never before.

How to Invest in Email Newsletters:

Content: the best publications view their email newsletters not as some aggregation of their online content, but an extension of it. They devote resources and talent to it. They take the time to make their editors truly understand how the email channel can be leveraged, and what types of commentary work within the newsletter in order to make it a value-add, not a replacement to the content

Monetization: The investment in talent doesn’t stop at content. The most forward-thinking publishers are now putting their top minds on yield within the email channel. The opportunities as they exist now are manifold, and securing a newsletter strategy that lets the publisher be well-positioned for a People-based future requires the sharpest minds to navigate the intersection of marketing and advertising.

These are crucial times for Publishers who need to create an independent way to reach their audiences wherever they are present and paying attention. The email address empowers them to do that, and paves the way for them to succeed in a world where Identity is the key to a People-verified future.

Are you a publisher that wants to understand more about your audience, increase subscribers or generate more revenue? If so, let’s talk.