Stop Actively Selling Non-Viewable Impressions

Stop Actively Selling Non-Viewable Impressions


In the last few years, we’ve heard a lot about wasted impressions and making the most of ad spend. Don’t just take it from LiveIntent (this is of course hosted on our product blog):

–  CNBC shares that almost half (48 percent) of online adverts do not reach the right people across France, Germany and Italy, and the U.K. The statistics, from Nielsen‘s Digital Ad Ratings service, are likely to mean that billions of online marketing dollars are being wasted

–  Campaign Live cites that brands ‘waste money’ by showing the same consumers too many of the same ads

We’re reaching the same conclusion: impressions that are bought and paid for but don’t reach the right people have no value at all.  For a non-marketing-blog reference, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer Mark Pritchard basically ran for a political office on this platform by flying all over the world to tell the advertising world that P&G would no longer pay for non-viewable impressions.  They required tools like Moat, IAS, and others to prove that their impressions were being seen.  

As is typical in the marketing world, not everything is equal.  

Sadly, the email environment does not allow for Java Script, which is required for IAS, MOAT and others to work properly.  That means you cannot measure viewability in email.

We understand that impressions and money are being left on the table, and it’s increasingly difficult to measure what’s truly “viewable.” So where is everybody going wrong?

Many publishers have held steady to how they have sold their email inventory in the past, which is “On the Send.” If a typical email drop gets a 20% open rate, that means that 80% of the audience is not opening the email.  If they are not opening the email then we can all agree that those impressions are NOT in view.  If they are guaranteed to not be in view, then why should anyone be selling those impressions – and why should marketers and advertisers buy them? 

For a medium that continues to drive the most value (A survey of US marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association(DMA) and Demand Metric found that email had a median ROI of 122%), why are we standing for wasting our marketers money?  As we have been discussing, there is a better way. 

(PS, it’s below). 

Making the best first (and every) impression

By using the LiveIntent platform, you have the ability to sell on impressions that are ONLY counted when the email is opened.  From a partnership standpoint, by not selling the 80% of wasted impressions, you will see better performance.  Better performance will allow you to charge higher eCPMs and drive more renewals.  Renewals are the life blood of selling inventory in a profitable manner.