Straight Outta Tha Inbox: Why Email is Hip-Hop!

Straight Outta Tha Inbox: Why Email is Hip-Hop!

Email is Hip-Hop. FACT!

Five reasons:

1. All the kids love it

2. It rose to popularity in the 80s

3. It has had its ups and downs

4. It constantly reinvents itself

5. It’s at its best when put together well and authentic

All the kids love it.

Hip-Hop had a humble start, but it’s beginning was largely spurred by the youth of the various boroughs of New York City. Energetic youths that wanted to make a difference and find their voice in a crazy time. But, Kids loving email? Yes, certainly, but not in the way you’d expect. Tweens, teens, and young adults are largely using email in a traditional manner; social media, as all of these social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify are powered by emails; address and deidentified hashes. And over time these young adults that use these social channels to communicate will eventually become older more mature, kinda like Snoop Dogg…or Jay-Z, and will become tied to their emails in a different but more direct manner for work and play.

It rose to popularity in the 80s.

The 1980’s were a unique time for the US and the World; with the AIDS epidemic, Ronald Reagan, Nickelodeon, oh and the birth of both Millennials and the Internet. Email is inextricably linked to the internet, it is after all bits and bytes of html and css code sent from point to point.

It has had it’s ups and downs.

Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, spam. Three words that should never be uttered out of anyone’s mouth as they are far dirtier than Carlin’s “Seven” – enough said.

It constantly reinvents itself.

Hip-Hop from it’s inceptions was dismissed as a fad that’s little more than loud noise and screaming (. Email has been dead more times than..well Hip-Hop (I see you Nas!). Yet, each comes back reinvigorated with something new that changes the structures around it #yourwelcomesocial.

It’s at its best when put together well and authentic:

When things are done well they stand the test of time regardless of the haters. Despite the Vanilla Ice’s and spam senders real MC’s and email marketers prevail. The Rakims, Biggies, TuPacs, Litmus-es, Mailchimps, and Salesforces  go down in history as greats while the imitators fall into obscurity, sorry hotmail. #straightouttathainbox

If you haven’t seen the LiveIntentional Episode that started it all, watch it now!

And finally, as a way to remember how great these two institutions are together here is a set of mobile wallpapers to download & share. Enjoy! #emaillove