The Best Kept Secrets about Unified Auction

The Best Kept Secrets about Unified Auction


 Defining a Unified Auction

Unified Auction allows you to maximize the email revenue by serving optimized offers into your own newsletters and let them compete with 3rd party demand. LiveIntent’s machine learning technology determines which message the person opening an email is most likely to engage with at that moment. Unified Auction prioritizes and optimizes offers from dynamic product marketing, third-party demand, house ads, and direct sold. The clients who have run Unified Auction with LiveIntent, have reported around 200% return on ad spent.

Benefits of running a Unified Auction include increased revenue from the email newsletter, higher subscriber reach, and more relevant message targeting. This, in turn,  leads to improved conversion rates, ROAS and enhanced performance without augmenting emails volume.

How to get started with a Unified Auction?

-Secret 1. Implement LiveTags in your email. LiveTags need to be added to templates only once, with no additional modifications required, to enable you to serve your own offers and 3rd party offers in your emails.

-Secret 2. Implement LiveConnect on your site. LiveConnect is a JavaScript tag that safely connects website intent data to email subscriber data

-Secret 3. Set Goals. Set your performance goals or tell us the value of serving an offer in their emails – let us know what success looks like for you.

– Secret 4. Accept 3rd Party Demand (Suggested).  Open your inventory to third-party demand to increase performance.

– Secret 5. LiveConnect benefits: It improves Unified Auction by enabling dynamic product marketing, generates 2M monthly impressions and auto-suppresses adequate targets in acquisition campaigns, helping increase revenue.

Customer Spotlight: DailySale & the Unified Auction

DailySale used the Unified Auction to drive clicks, conversions, and revenue and reported increased KPIs:

140X Return on Ad Spend

10.6% Conversion Rates

.75% Click-through Rate