The LiveIntent Guide To First, Second, and Third Party Data

Data: It’s not just the term for what Verizon alerts you that you’ve exceeded every month.

In the digital advertising world, data now informs almost every aspect of digital media. If you’re confused about first and third party data, wondering what ever happened to second party data, and can’t remember what DMP stands for, check out our guide below!

  • First Party: Owned customer data, cookies from a website or email addresses
    • In Context: Company Z wants to target current customers with ads for a 20% off sale
  • Second Party: Collected data shared between advertiser A and advertiser B
    • In Context: Advertiser A shares its data with Advertiser B to target potential subscribers
  • Third Party: Data in the form of targetable segments from a 3rd party data provider, enhancing targeting abilities using specialized segments
    • In Context: Travel Company Z goes to a third party data provider for a segment that includes travelers, like people who shop on Airline Company X
    • Open House Party: A party where anyone and everyone can attend

    In Context: The worst decision you could probably ever make.

Ok, you mentioned third party providers… 

Third Party Data providers are companies that collect and resell segmented data, so it’s actionable for an advertiser.

Our partners are: TowerData, Nielsen, NetWise and Webbula

How does LiveIntent work with them?

If an advertiser wants to target an audience not just geographically or age wise, but specifically towards people who shop at brands similar to theirs would use Nielsen to find segments such as, “Country Folks” and “Big Spenders” to target in their campaign

First, second, and third parties, got it. Now, what are DMPs? 

A DMP, or a Data Management Platform, is a data warehouse that sorts and houses information — and pushes it out in a way that’s useful for marketers, publishers and other businesses.

Where can I find more information on this?

Learn more at our Partners page here, or get in touch with us at our Contact Us page here.