The Next Big Thing in Forecasting!

The Next Big Thing in Forecasting!


If you want to make informed decisions about allocating your budget to your available inventory and avoid overbooking campaigns, it’s now possible with the new Forecasting Tool! With LiveIntent’s new targeting parameters and additional filtering options, you can take advantage of additional insight into future campaigns, and forecast potential campaigns across your available inventory. Use this tool to better and more efficiently manage and maximize the potential revenue from your direct sold campaigns.

Where to access the Forecasting Tool

LiveIntent’s Forecasting Tool can be found under the Reporting tab by selecting the Forecasting button upon login.

The Forecasting Tool displays the impressions available according to the selected criteria.

How does it work?

This allows a Media Group user to forecast how much of their inventory is or will be available over a certain period based on their selected targeting criteria. It considers the previous two months’ worth of data, along with any previously booked impressions, to provide a forecast of the remaining inventory that is available to either be sold through as a part of a publisher’s direct-sold campaign or available for purchase across the exchange based on said criteria.

Here is the overview of the new filtering options and targeting parameters as well as the planned releases:

Currently, you have the ability to forecast on:

-Date: Custom date ranges

-Inventory: Publishers, template, ad slots, and bundles

-Geo-Targeting: Country, state, metro, city.

-Age: Specific age ranges (Age groups segregated into: 18-20, 21-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+)

-Gender: Standard options provided

-Device Type: The device type that the user is using to view the email: PC, Phone, Tablet, Google Proxy.

Future planned releases:

– Key Value Pairs: If you’ve created KVPs for targeting purposes, now you can generate more granular forecasts across specific keys, values, or pairs

-Media Group: Aggregation of publishers, can forecast based on entire media groups without having to select each publisher

-Audience Files: Ability to forecast based on uploaded audience and CRM files

-Ability to export forecasts as a .csv file

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