The Keys to the Kingdom: What Happens When MarTech and AdTech Converge

The Keys to the Kingdom: What Happens When MarTech and AdTech Converge

Adapting to new technology is much like any major life change. Sometimes it’s difficult; often it’s unavoidable. But most importantly, it’s how we develop. And for marketers right now, the coming together of AdTech and MarTech is the challenge everyone seems to be grappling with. What emerged as two completely independent systems – broadly speaking, one covering paid, the other owned and earned media – are now merging together into something which people are calling ‘madtech’.

So why all the fuss in the first place? The big promise of merging AdTech and MarTech is better advertising and more effective marketing all round. It is the key to People-based Marketing. Not to mention improved CRM and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

And as with any new tech development, if you can overcome the short-term challenges of adapting, you’re well on the way to reaping the long-term benefits.

Mulling over Madtech

When it comes to MarTech and AdTech integration, many marketers are already well on the journey. To be precise, 35% are already in the process of integrating AdTech and MarTech, while only 7% haven’t at least discussed it.

And why the rush? Just another quick reminder on the potential benefits we’re talking about here: improved personalization, better insights, more control over marketing strategy and, ultimately, even higher customer satisfaction. In fact, those are the top four benefits of madtech. It’s not hard to see the importance of bringing your marketing, CRM and ads all under the same hood.

That said, if your business hasn’t looked into it yet, or you’re one of the 58% still in the ‘talking about madtech’ phase, don’t feel like you’re already left behind – we’re not all even on the same page yet.

Unlocking Understanding

The fact is, however beneficial any change might seem, we can all be held back by the basic facts on the ground. This also comes through in the research.

For instance, three-quarters of respondents said that less than half of their marketing colleagues understand the difference between AdTech and MarTech in the first place. For many, big questions also linger around the siloing of data, and how to consolidate it. However, one good place to start is by focusing on internal operations and people.

Like any major life change, adapting to madtech might not be easy – but its become almost unavoidable. For many marketers, it’s the next evolutionary step towards a more measurable, customer-centric future.

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